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The climate in Crete is typically Mediterranean. There are two main seasons: A dry, hot summer and a damp, rainy winter The Summer lasts for 6 months and winter for only 2 months . The rest 4 months are divided between spring and fall. The pleasant climate of Crete provides ample sunshine more than 3000 hours per year. The Blue Aegean is located on the northern coast of Crete in Gouves and experiences very pleasant weather throughout the year. The average temperatures and precipitation are listed here . For the current temperatures click here

Greece has a wide range of climate types, ranging from the semi-arid, semi-desert climate of south-eastern Crete to the cold, humid continental climate of Rhodope.

Spring announces its presence on the island with an abundance of magnificent wild flowers. Rainfall is higher on the mountains and snow can be seen on the peaks until June.
The temperature on the plains seldom falls to freezing point and snow is extremely rare. The temperature along the shores of the Libyan sea is high in the summer, while the "meltemia " (prevailing north winds, often strong) make the northern shores pleasantly cool from mid- June to the beginning of September.

The Cretan climate was renowned in antiquity as the healthiest and mildest in Europe. Hippocrates, who laid the foundations of medicine, recommended the island for patients who were recuperating.

Unlike many Greek islands, there is no shortage of water in Crete as the winter snows on the high peaks replenish the aquifers in the porous limestone. Although most rivers dry up in summer, many villages boast their own springs - the place-name Pigi means "spring" or "source".

The copious supply of fresh water, as much as the generally pleasant climate, must have been significant factors in the establishment of the Minoan civilisation. Today, Crete continues to be one of the most important agricultural areas in Greece, providing half the country's olive oil, most of its sultanas and a lot of other produce.

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